Risk Mitigation

Through Innovation

Lite4life offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, compliant, & affordable fire safety & asset/tenant protection solutions, satisfying current & future guidance, robustly & sustainably designed for ‘building a safer future’


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 Intelligent egress and way guidance lighting
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GPRS link for strategic fire & building safety

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Holistic compliance “building a safer future”

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Software & support to expedite integration

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 AAA photoluminescence made for life safety

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Lite4life are a privately owned, UK based company providing, robust, compliant, and fit for purpose fire safety and asset/tenant protection solutions for the modern built environment.


Formed in 2012 by electrical engineer Andrew Cunningham the company has brought a number of innovative, award nominated safety products to market driven by our ethos ‘risk mitigation through innovation’


Andy’s concepts have been enhanced and supported from design to delivery by Steve Kallagher (Asset Management & Fire Safety) and Daniel Coe (Building Design & Compliance). We believe the diversity of our expertise gives us a unique ability to robustly deliver simple, effective solutions to often complex problems.

Our expertly designed solutions not only provide safer compliant environments but also offer significant financial and environmental benefits reducing carbon footprint and aiding post COVID economic recovery.


Our strategic alignment with ‘like minded’ market leading safety industry suppliers, has allowed us to think both holistically and outside the box, embracing international standards and proven solutions from other more heavily regulated industries.


Our products and services are demonstrably fit for purpose, being delivered with honesty and integrity ensuring conformity, competency, and compliance in line with our mission statement:


Save time, save money, save lives.


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